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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Measuring the meta structure in Euroscience - FP7

As noticed elsewhere, the Euroscientist portal is going to launch, where some pages are feature like Working Groups and Activities. We, as one of Lobbying/Consulting Euroscientists, would like to focus on the fact that Euroscientists are front yard which brings the social outreach of research & innovaton to European society. However, we should carefully remark that this frontyard is on the flux of information integrated, where the backyard of R&D exists as a meta structure of European research typically known as FP7.
From this perspective, we observe here on this blog, the activities exploring in the various inter- and infra- structural bodies like ;

- Euroscience/ESF

- EIRO Forum

- European Institute of Technology (EIT)

- European participatory/Parliamentary Technology Assessment

- European Research Council (ERC)
- European Research Area (ERA)
- Joint Research Centre
- Social Sciences and Humanities in FP 7
- other categorical R&D domain in FP7 and/or in individual member countries.