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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Activity Post-ESOF by reblogging and cross check available with Euroscientists blogs.

【Past Events】 Now the activity Post-ESOF reblogging and cross checking of futur ESOF and Euroscience are available on the Euroscientists blogs.

Concerning the past events on Activity Post-ESOF and Reminder : Invitation to Social Funding tour on ESOF 2010 Torino - Our selection Plan A, B, C.

We propose you the reblogging and cross checking of Past Events ESOF 2010 to nowadays Euroscientist news feed on the groups of Facebook promoting a grass root initiative with Euroscientists for ESOF (Euro Science Open Forum) 2010 and 2012. 

2-7 July 2010 in Torino, Italy

For those who have interests this exploration to ESOF 2012 Dublin, please add yourself to the group below. 

ESOF 2012 Dublin

We have provided the guidance to the Research & Study course on ESOF 2010 Torino, 2-7 July. 2010.

Lobbying Euroscientists

This activity serves for the outreach to the sustainable development and it's foresight activity, and for publication. We continually serve our research & development on the site.

To join a nominated list for Social Funding tour, please visit the note below. 

Invitation to Social Funding tour on ESOF 2010 Torino - Our selection Plan A, B, C.

Tips 1 : The schedule sheet which you are following is the summary for Plan A, B, C. Each Sessions schedules are ready for your pre-Review and you can visit the session and post your discussions by clicking the link the FB event sheets. 

Tips 2 : These FB event sheets will be at your disposal after the ESOF real event 2-7. July up to October for "POST REVIEW of ESOF 2010 Torino". During these periods 4 month you are also encouraged to post your discussion on the event sheets for post-reviewing each session.

Tips 3: Activity Post-ESOF2010. We have already created some groups exploring the Post-ESOF2010, transfer the know-hows of ESOF to other social activities like ESOF 2012, or in other cultural area for Science, Technology and Society. 

Here is the info stream of Euroscientists, one of Lobbying Euroscience, setting their information resources on various internet sites. 

1. Euroscientists on gmail setting the account for Google sites, Buzz, Friend Connect, also on Orkut.
2. ESOF revision on typepad 
3. Exploring Working Groups activities of Euroscientits on Wordpress 
4. Exploring ESF Activities 
5. News feeds Euroscientists on Yahoo, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter

This info stream is loaded down to Scenario25 info stream using Twitterfeed link between Twitter and Hellotxt.